Audio Mixing


Audio Mixing Services

Audio Mixing is the most important part of the recording process because it brings your creative ideas to life.

At Stikki Radio, we understand the importance of Audio Mixing as we have been in the music business for over 25 years and so we always endeavor to give you the best radio ready mix possible.

Here are three thing to remember to make your audio mix the best it can be!


During the recording process, make sure you capture your performance at optimal quality. That is using the right gear and in the best environment.


Audio Mixing is where your recording comes to life so make sure you choose the right mixer for you project. Sometimes that could mean having different audio mixers for each song type or genre.


Most of use are so involved in the creative process, we forget about the business part. That is where distribution comes in. Afterall you need to get a return on your investment of time and money.